N U T R I - M A T R I X . O R G

Platform for world-wide exchange of knowledge about hidden hunger

Building a bridge to fight against hidden hunger!


Source: Lisa-Marie Roth, University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany

Participants of the International Congress Hidden Hunger 2013 (March 6-9, Stuttgart, Germany) called for a better communication between scientists, policy makers, politicians, NGOs, and local field workers to improve knowledge about hidden hunger as well as to ensure better domestic and cross-border cooperation world-wide. 

Nutri-matrix.org serves as a broad database for use in future fight against hidden hunger. This website includes an overview of research projects, funding offers and requests as well as collaboration and research requests from allover the world.

Each and everyone has possibility to submit research projects, funding offers and requests as well as collaboration and research requests. It offers a platform for exchange of study results, experiences, observations, reflections and ideas.

After the receipt of first data we will enlarge the website to a portal which can lead to useful information and a broad database. Later on, there will be a chatroom in which cost-free registered persons may contact project managers or each other.

Thanks for your cooperation in combating hidden hunger!



Website under construction!

Please assist us in adapting this website to the needs of global hidden hunger researchers. We are always open for wishes to change or suggestions and comments related to it. 

In case of any comments, suggestions or questions related to the website please don`t hesitate to get in touch with us via E-Mail to: hiddenhunger@uni-hohenheim.de